Voluma Injection – An Introduction

24 Feb

Voluma is a hyaluronic based injectable that may be used to restore facial volume. Voluma injection may be used to inject deeper sub cutis layers and fat pads of the skin to restore volume or enhance the facial appearance. Voluma is believed to be a specialized treatment as it requires a good knowledge of anatomy to ensure safety and good result.

Voluma injection may be used for cheek enhancement. It is soft and has a strong humectants effect that may attract water leaving behind a softer plumping effect. The bruising may be minimized as smooth viscosity may allow it to be injected with a comparatively smaller needle giving immediate results. Apart from adding contour to the face, voluma may also help to replace volume and reverse the sagging caused by weight loss because of age or other factors. Also, restoring the mid face volume may help to lift the sagging jaws and nasolabial folds.

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